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Meg Kramer

Welcome to my internet office.

I’m an Ohio-based food and lifestyle writer with a chaotic and eclectic professional background. These days, I create plant-based recipes, make music, write fiction, and plan dazzling post-pandemic dinner parties. Learn more about me below, or contact me.

Table of Contents

    Current and Ongoing Projects


    I launched Bittertreats, a plant-based food and lifestyle blog, in March of 2021. It’s currently my full-time project.

    I develop the recipes, write the articles, take the photos, and do anything else that needs to be done.


    This is my freelance writing, editing, and consulting business.

    Do you need…

    • Content for your website or blog?
    • An SEO overhaul?
    • Editing or design help for your printed documents?

    Punch the button below to say hello.


    A long-distance music collaboration, since 2009.

    Listen to our maudlin avant-pop stylings over at Bandcamp.

    Past Projects

    Screenshot of the CBD Hacker homepage

    CBD Hacker

    I helped to launch CBD Hacker in 2018, developing the site’s design, brand standards, and style guide. Back then, CBD existed in a legal gray…

    Screenshot of Luma Health website

    Luma Health

    Luma Health is a technology company that offers a patient engagement platform for healthcare providers. In 2017, I contributed several articles to their blog on…

    AM Communications

    As a full-service telecommunications contracting company, AM Communications knew that they needed to have a great website. During a design update, it became clear that

    Rent Northside

    In the competitive rental home market, a strong digital presence stands out. And anything a property management company can do to demonstrate that they are

    Selected Interviews and Appearances

    MTs Ask: What’s Really In My CBD Topical?

    What’s REALLY in CBD topical products? I am quoted in this article by Karen Menehan in Massage Magazine talking about how to shop CBD products for the ol’ epidermis.

    Real Talk with Dana

    I joined Dana Monsees on her podcast, Real Talk with Dana, to give a crash course on the CBD market. Our conversation was aired in two installments.

    While you’re over there, check out the rest of Dana’s episodes — she’s got some terrific health and wellness content.

    Can You Really Use CBD at Your Restaurant?

    I wrote a guide for FSR Magazine for restaurants on the legality of using CBD in food and beverages. (Spoiler: there are some legal issues.)

    The Health Dangers of Buying Cosmetics On the Internet

    I spoke to Healthline about the risks consumers face when buying health and personal care items online.

    All of Your CBD Questions Answered

    I spoke to the nice folks at Elevays about all of their CBD questions. Click the link to get a full introduction to CBD.

    Questions? Just ask.

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