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Meg Kramer

Click the links below to find highlights of my recent work, interviews, and appearances.

MTs Ask: What’s Really In My CBD Topical?

What’s REALLY in CBD topical products? I am quoted in this article by Karen Menehan in Massage Magazine talking about how to shop CBD products for the ol’ epidermis.

Best CBD Beauty and Skincare

Do CBD skincare products live up to the buzz? Learn more about why CBD is causing such a hubbub in my review for CBD Hacker, and find out which products I really use on a regular basis.

CBD 101 With Meg Kramer

I joined Dana Monsees on her podcast, Real Talk with Dana, to give a crash course on the CBD market. This is the first of two installments.

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Is CBD Legal & Finding a High Quality CBD With Meg Kramer

In the second installment of my interview on Real Talk With Dana, we chatted about the legal issues surrounding CBD. This podcast also covers at what consumers should keep in mind when shopping for CBD oil products. While you’re over there, check out the rest of Dana’s episodes — she’s got some terrific content over there.

Can You Really Use CBD at Your Restaurant?

I wrote a guide for FSR Magazine for restaurants on the legality of using CBD in food and beverages. (Spoiler: there are some legal issues.)

The Health Dangers of Buying Cosmetics On the Internet

I spoke to Healthline about the risks consumers face when buying health and personal care items online.

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All of Your CBD Questions Answered

I spoke to the nice folks at Elevays about all of their CBD questions. Click the link to get a full introduction to CBD.

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