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Last updated on November 13, 2017

I really enjoyed writing the six articles that I contributed to in 2011. They covered a wide range of topics, and the site encouraged thorough research and precise writing.

What Is New Journalism?

New Journalism was a literary movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Combining the techniques of fiction writing with the fact-based approach of reporting, the writing that sprang from this movement demonstrated an aspiration to literary excellence in journalism. The term was crystallized by Tom Wolfe in his 1973 book, The New Journalism, a collection of essays and excerpts describing and demonstrating the new style.

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What Is Postmodern Art?

Marcel Duchamp’s sculpture entitled The Fountain is sometimes cited as an early example of postmodern art. This work was first submitted to an art exhibition in New York City in 1917, where it sparked a controversy about the nature of art.

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What Is the Role of Syntax in Linguistics?

Syntax in linguistics can refer either to the study of the structural rules of language or to the bodies of rules themselves. It is part of the branch of linguistics dealing with the form and structure of natural languages, such as word order in spoken English or the sequencing of physical gestures in American Sign Language. The branch of linguistics that includes syntax also includes morphology, which is the study of the formation of words, and phonology, which is the study of a language’s system of sounds.

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What Are the Connections between Theology and Science?

Theology and science both refer to bodies of knowledge on a specific topic, and both disciplines employ reason to expand that body of knowledge. Theology is the systematic exploration of God and religion, and science commonly is referred to as the study of the natural world. Although both disciplines rely on rational discourse, theology and science come into conflict when they reach different conclusions about the explanations for natural phenomena.

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What Is Symbol Grounding?

Symbol grounding is the connection of symbols, such as written or spoken words, with the objects, ideas or events to which they refer. A problem called the symbol grounding problem is concerned with the ways in which words come to be associated with their meanings, and by extension, how consciousness is related to the understanding of symbolic meaning. The symbol grounding problem, because it is related to these questions of meaning and consciousness, is often discussed within the context of artificial intelligence (AI).

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What Is Acoustic Phonetics?

A subfield of phonetics, acoustic phonetics deals with the acoustic properties of spoken language. Researchers in this field use technological tools to analyze spoken sounds and to break them down into their component parts. The study of these linguistic components helps practitioners of acoustic phonetics understand the production and reproduction of language.

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