Rent Northside

In the competitive rental home market, a strong digital presence stands out. Anything a property management company can do to demonstrate that they are trustworthy, reliable, and communicative goes a long way.

From the company’s point-of-view, the less time they have to spend looking for tenants to fill available homes, the more time they have to maintain their properties and provide important services to their current tenants.

With those things in mind, when I was asked to create this website, I set out to streamline the rental process as much as possible for both the company and the prospective tenant. Here’s how I approached the project:

  • Selected and customized a WordPress template and relevant plugins
  • Set up property listings to showcase the most relevant information and images
  • Researched SEO keywords to help people find the best listings for their needs
  • Created clear calls-to-action for each page, so that the prospective tenant doesn’t have to guess at the next step

Want to talk about a project like this one? Contact me! I’d┬álove to hear about it.