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Red Rover Tutorial Videos

Last updated on November 13, 2017

In 2010-2011, II produced two tutorial videos for a tech startup called Red Rover. At the time, the company was evolving its platform for higher education into a knowledge-sharing tool for enterprise.

The videos were intended to help early adopters learn how to use the platform. Everything you see here is my work—I composed the music, wrote the script, created the animation, and performed the voiceover.

Customizing Your Landing Page

This video was produced to support the college’s Red Rover admins, who were typically members of the institutions’ student affairs staff.


Introducing Hashtags

Remember when people didn’t know what hashtags were used for? In those days of yore, I created this video to help students using Red Rover to learn how to use hashtags to meet students with similar interests.

Red Rover underwent a rebranding effort in the time between the last video and the following. You’ll see the new logo, fonts and colors in this piece.

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