“Drain” Music Video

I created this music video for my band, Quarry House, to promote the digital single for the song “Drain.”┬áThe video contains sequences from “The Amazing Mr. X,” about a widow who is deceived by a phony spiritualist. It was directed by Bernard Vorhaus and released in 1948.

Content Writing: eHow.com & Sciencing

I wrote more than 50 articles for eHow.com in 2011, covering topics varying widely, from “What to Do With Pumpkins After Carving?” to “The Phases of Neptune.” After a major overhaul of eHow.com’s content several years ago, many of those articles are no longer available, or have been moved to …

Content Writing: WiseGEEK

I really enjoyed writing the six articles that I contributed to WiseGEEK.com in 2011. They covered a wide range of topics, and the site encouraged thorough research and precise writing.

Close/Far Family Tour Promotion

The Close/Far Family is an artist collective and record label composed of bands, musicians, engineers, and sound artists. I’ve been a member of – or guest performer for – three Close/Far bands: Quarry House, the Current Group, and mrPunch. In October 2011, some core members toured the midwest. A few …

Red Rover Tutorial Videos

In 2010-2011, II produced two tutorial videos for a tech startup called Red Rover. At the time, the company was evolving its platform for higher education into a knowledge-sharing tool for enterprise.

Meatless Mondays Press Release

  Rasoi, an upscale Indian restaurant in the Central West End of St. Louis, began offering a Meatless Monday menu in January of 2013. As the Director of Marketing for the restaurant, I was responsible for promoting the new menu. Read the full Meatless Monday press release.