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I’m a resourceful problem solver with a knack for using new methods and technologies.

I spent about 7 years working in marketing and communications, with a focus on higher education and the arts.

I got my start as a freelance writer by churning out articles for content mills. As a result, my work has appeared on platforms like eHow, Sciencing and Livestrong.

I’ve also done community management for a Techstars-backed startup, worked in a renowned recording studio, and received my commercial drone pilot certification from the FAA. (If you need a picture of the top of something tall, I’m your gal.)

These days, I spend most of my time reading and writing about CBD as the managing editor at CBD Hacker. I’m not actively looking for freelance or consulting work, but I’d be willing to talk about the right project. Drop me a line to start a conversation.

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