I’m a resourceful problem solver with a knack for using new methods and technologies.

Most of my professional background is in marketing and communications, with a focus on higher education and the arts. Platforms like eHow, Sciencing and LIVESTRONG have published my writing.

I’ve also done community management for a Techstars-backed startup, worked in a renowned recording studio, and received my commercial drone pilot certification from the FAA. (If you need a picture of the top of something tall, I’m your gal.)

What I do

I collaborate with you to develop messaging and strategy that works. We’ll define at your goals and evaluate your challenges. Then we’ll devise effective communications solutions that are tailored to your needs and voice.

I work with startups, agencies, nonprofits and businesses to create thoughtful content that provides real value. That means I’ll take the time to produce accurate, clear and compelling materials.


  • Communications strategy
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Document and e-book layout (print and digital)
  • Signs and maps
  • Audio and video production
  • Music composition

What I DON’T do

I’m allergic to fluff and filler, and I won’t sacrifice quality for keyword density. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending your time on an article that reads like a game of Mad Libs gone horribly awry.

Next Steps

I’d love to chat with you about your upcoming projects. Just fill out the form on this page to get the conversation started.

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